Victory at Jomar as Carwasheros Strike, Win Worker Back His Job

Workers at Jomar Car Wash in Queens, who joined the RWDSU in April, today went on strike after a worker was assaulted by a co-owner and then fired. Workers returned to the job when managers agreed to rehire Jomar employee Guillermo Anzures.

Anzures’ firing was the latest incident in what workers say is a campaign of harassment that began before employees voted 23-1 to join the RWDSU.

Jomar workers say co-owner and manager Jose Pires has taken a range of actions against the workers and their efforts to organize including polling workers about who was involved, spying on workers, prohibiting group breaks and even throwing workers’ belongings in the garbage.

The assaulted worker pressed charges against Pires, who was arrested and taken to the police precinct. The NLRB has been investigating previous union complaints. Union lawyers are preparing a complaint over the latest assault. Six car washes across the city have voted to join RWDSU since last July and one of them, Hi-Tek in East Elmhurst, has ratified a contract, the first car wash pact east of Los Angeles.

While Jomar workers used their new union voice to win today, they are still demanding their employer negotiate a fair union contract

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